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ImageCon is an advertising and public relations agency with offices in New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Hollywood, and Reno. Founded in 1943, ImageCon suffered two bankruptcies during the early 21st century, finding salvation in 2008 via the ultimate cash cow – THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN. Dedicated to pontificating on behalf of “The One,” ImageCon has transitioned from their campaign role into full-time peddling of the latest Obama Administration policy. But despite their recent success, ImageCon now faces their biggest challenge yet, selling Obamacare. This is “The Sell.”

Agency Bios


Everyone at ImageCon simply calls him… “Bossman.” Bossman has worked at ImageCon so long that none of us know his real name, where he came from, what he did before, or where he went to school. A bombastic bulldozer, Bossman rules the ImageCon roost with an iron fist. Bossman enjoys steak dinners, cigars, and three martini lunches.


Roddy's seen it all. ImageCon’s go-to medical expert, Roddy uses his Ivy League medical degree to obfuscate and justify Obama’s policies and their deleterious side effects. Roddy is a gross cipher within ImageCon – he has no real responsibility other than being trotted out for press conferences, just like Jay Carney.


Justin Brad is an enthusiastic go-getter. Need some coffee? Justin’s already got one for you! Forgot your anniversary? That's ok – Justin took care of that too; flowers are being delivered as we speak. Unfortunately, Justin’s passion for ImageCon far outpaces his intellect. Justin really loves Maroon 5 and TNT dramas, especially Rizzoli and Isles.


Wicker is “that girl” who watches Portlandia and gets offended. After growing up in suburban Atlanta, Wicker left for the green pastures of the University of Chicago where she transformed into an ironic contradiction. Wicker only eats locally sourced food, only drinks old fashioneds at speakeasys, and had to stop listening to Arcade Fire when they won a Grammy. ImageCon hired Wicker after she wrote a series of scathing blog posts about their Obama ads – too mainstream, according to Wicker.


Jane’s a seasoned political player who left the small-ball world of campaigns to join corporate boardrooms long ago. Somehow, Jane found time to get a Masters, a PhD, an MBA, and a JD – and she likes to remind everyone about it. Elegant and poised, Jane is ruthlessly aggressive and will win at all costs, making her a perfect fit for the Obama machine.


Before joining ImageCon, Neil was a young, hot-shot Hollywood executive and likes to live on the edge. After one heck of a bender at Hall and Oates’ house in Lake Arrowhead, Neil made a decision that tanked his career – he green lit the sequel to Corky Romano. After hitting rock bottom, Neil joined a new age Yoga cult in Nepal and found enlightenment by hitchhiking across Asia, then stowing away on a Chinese trading vessel carrying Obama bobble heads. Unable to spiritually continue the life of a Hollywood hack, Neil took up the next best thing – being an ad executive. Neil is now ImageCon’s manic fountain of ideas, but they’re not very good.